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The following report was presented to NRS Accountants in October 2012...

The following details contain the findings of the independent report completed by Chris Green Media - the comments below are directly from the report and can be supplied directly if requested....


Why did NRS Accountants introduce a Customer Charter way back in 2010?

Our clients’ needs have always been at the heart of everything we do at NRS Accountants and, back in 2010, we made a pledge to raise our high customer service standards to another level.   


What are the Charter's key aims and objectives?

Accountancy doesn’t have to contain more mysteries than an Agatha Christie box set. What our clients want to know if how the rules apply to them and what it will mean for their finances – and their families. Simples!

That’s why NRS is committed to providing sound advice to our clients in a non-nonsense manner. Our dedicated team is frequently praised for its ability to translate complicated issues into plain English – and we’re determined to keep up the good work.

We also aim to be the friendliest accountants both in Worcestershire and in the licensed trade. In our more recent feedback survey, 97 per cent of our clients said we are friendly and efficient. What a great foundation for us to build on – and we’re confident we’ll match, or even exceed, those figures when we carry our next survey later in 2012.

And there’s more...

NRS is determined to give its valued clients affordable solutions. We offer many different services and pride ourselves on clear and precise pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for with no nasty, hidden extras.     

Also on our hit list is improving customer contact and increasing our customer support and business development through our management reporting system.

We don’t live in a bubble and appreciate our clients have other needs across a wide range of sectors, which is why we have introduced services above and beyond those expected of an accountant. These include licensing and legal services, financial advice, asset management and commercial finance.


Did NRS Accountants meet its Targets?

NRS founder and senior accountant Neil Sysum is the man with the answers...

“We’ve completely changed our management reporting system covering three principles: standing reporting (profit and loss); pictorial reporting featuring graphs and charts and documented reports including relevant notes.  Those three areas are now explained on just one page.

“NRS provides many services including accountancy, stock checking, VAT reporting, payroll and business planning – in effect, we’re a one-stop shop.

“We’ve broken down our pricing structure so that anyone can have a bespoke package containing the services we offer and all contracts explain that clearly.

“Moving a stage further, we’ve introduced bespoke work schedules, which we something we’ve also adopted when working as preferred accountancy suppliers to Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns.

“Our knowledge and experience of the licensed trade over the past ten years has helped us to create comprehensive plans for new publicans, detailing exactly what they need to run a successful business.

“As the market and our customers requirements’ have changed, we have tweaked the plan to reflect that and ensure it is real, revolving and alive and each one is geared to each individual client. It’s a standard practice that we have turned into a very successful bespoke service.

“When it comes to third party professionals, we cherry pick the very best services to offer our clients – they have to be people we know, like and trust. We appreciated that our customers are relying on our professional judgement so all of the companies we refer into have been thoroughly researched.

“Returning closer to home, we have streamlined our payroll and account division with enhanced roles and responsibilities for our senior partners Geoff Howell (accountancy) and Emma-Jayne Nash (payroll). Geoff and Emma are now in charge of the department and their team.

“We’ve also employed a practice manager, Liz Tufton, who is highly skilled and personable – she’s the missing piece in the NRS jigsaw puzzle.

“Liz has got a tight rein on internal operations and will ensure that we continue our excellent customer service.  She’s adored by the team and our clients are also very impressed with her.”




Whats Next for NRS Accountants?

Back to Neil Sysum: “We are going to continue to be as innovative as ever. When I founded the company, I was seen as the new boy but now I’m the trendsetter...

“There are very few accountancy practices which specialise like we do. We’re unique and individual both as a team and as a company – and this is what makes us work and keeps us ticking.

“We will constantly evolve and keep changing to meet our clients’ needs and can reassure them that, no matter how much we grow and expand, we will never sacrifice personal service. That has always been my focus and will never change.”





Neil R Sysum is licensed and regulated by the AAT under licence number 3538

Neil R Sysum is a Certified Public Accountant and Incorporated Practising Accountant and is regulated by the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Turnover means nothing, it's what's left over that counts



Feedback directly from the NRS Accountants and Three Counties Payroll Team....

Geoff Howell - Senior Partner...

“We aim to be the friendly face of accountancy”


“I have worked hard to follow the aims and objectives of the charter and, for the most part, I’ve been successful. I’m conscious that is an important need for the company and I have tried to speak as simply as possible so people can understand exactly how we are helping them. They don’t need to know the accountancy speak – just the effect it will have on them and their finances.”


Liz Tufton - Practice Manager...

“My aim is to make the business run more efficiently which will benefit all of our clients and staff.”


“As a relatively new member of staff, I can relate totally to all areas of the charter and see on a daily basis how all of the staff abide by it. My role covers business accounts, credit control and looking at case savings and I’ll also be taking some of the pressure off my colleagues so they don’t get bogged down and can concentrate on their defined roles.”


Gail Hopkins - Management Accountant...

“My aim is to support our clients with a friendly and professional service, which includes meeting their expectations and replying to queries in a prompt and timely manner.”


“Providing the best possible service for our clients has always been our priority, which is why was introduced Sage ACT! customer relationship management software which allows us to update client information in real time. This system allows us to be more proactive as any member of the team can open up clients’ details and view the last action. This in turn means we can give the client more accurate feedback.”


Sarah Martin - Accountant...

“My promise is to answer client’s queries by the end of the day.”


“Responding to clients’ queries by the end of the day, even if I don’t have a complete answer, is a very important part of my role as I like to keep people in the picture, whether that’s through a phone call or an email. It is important to keep open a dialogue with clients in a manner that is easy for them to understand.”


Joanna Marek -Trainee accountant...

“I promise to always help the client and if I cannot personally do so I will refer them to someone who can.”


“I think it’s a great idea to have something like this in place. I strongly agree that we should make the process as easy as possible for our clients to understand and to work with us. It’s something I focus on every day.”

Emma-Jayne Nash - Senior Partner...

“I promise to help all our clients and prospective clients get the answers they are looking for.”


“I am fully committed to the charter and would echo my payroll colleague Liz’s thoughts. There is no point using big, fancy words that our customers don’t understand. We use plain English and explain everything in simple terms. And because Liz and I are in constant contact with our clients, we can build up good, working relationships rather than them speaking to someone different every time they call.”


Liz Farley - Payroll Agent and PA to Neil Sysum

“I promise to offer a personal, friendly service”


“It can be difficult for our clients to understand the finer points of tax and National Insurance and why we have to do things at certain times of the year, so we try to put everything into simple terms. We always try to give the best possible service and ensure that we are always friendly and polite. Clients really appreciate the fact that they deal with either my colleague Emma or myself and we’ve built up a good relationship with them. If we had 20 staff, it’s easy for people to get lost and that personal service disappears.”