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We have had full support and a friendly professional service from Neil and his team at NRS accounts. I would fully recommend giving them a call Client testimonial 

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Accountancy Feedback Results


Statement %
NRS Accountants are knowledgeable and experienced 100
The team at NRS Accountants are friendly and efficient 97
NRS Accountants have high professional standards 97
NRS Accounts pay great attention to detail 94
NRS Accountants took time to understand my business 94
I would recommend NRS Accountants to other companies 94
I have a dedicated account manager at NRS Accountants 91

Neil R Sysum is licensed and regulated by the AAT under licence number 3538

Neil R Sysum is a Certified Public Accountant and Incorporated Practising Accountant and is regulated by the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Turnover means nothing, it's what's left over that counts




This is what our clients took the time to say about us



"They always have the time to sort out any problems which you might have" 


"Understand my business and the best solutions to problems" 


"Always friendly, helpful, professional" 


"Extremely helpful " 


"Friendly and easy going, relaxed friendly attitude" 


"Excellent, individual attention" 


What did our team think of the results - We were all proud of what our clients said about us, it was as important to us to be recognised not only for our ability and professionalism but for our friendliness and attention to detail. We are always looking to improve our services, even though some of our clients for both Payroll and Accountancy took the time to say that there was no need for imporvement.



What are we looking to change - Our results were very positive but there are some areas where we are making some improvements.


Accounts Management for our Licensed Trade clients is going to be enhanced further


Clearer pricing structures have been implemented in our Payroll office


Some of our clients have made use of our 'no comission accepted' when we introduce our clients to other companies that help them in areas we do not cover. This is something we are continuing to build upon as it has been very successful over the past few years. We believe that when we recommend a business to one of our valued clients it should only ever be if it is the best thing for our client, that is why we make this part of our terms and conditions of engagement. Thank you to those of you who pointed out to us that this is a valuable tool.