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23.09.2010 21:19 Age: 9 yrs
Category: General News

BBC Spending review and economic forecasts featuring NRS Accountants

Interview held on 3rd September 2010. BBC Hereford & Worcester visited Top Barn Business centre and took the time to get some information relating to local business and specifically our thoughts on the licensed trade

We started the interview by explaining how much the 
Licensed Trade has been hit over the years by 
different problems. Ranging from the smoking ban and 
increases in duty.
There is always seemingly something around the corner 
that seems to hit our Licensed Trade clients yet they 
remain committed and work harder than ever to keep their 
businesses alive.
We talked in detail about the margins being hit making operation and wages costs being 
tougher than ever to manage.
Our clients are good at what they do, they rely on Licensed Trade Accountants and other 
Licensed Trade Specialists to give them the best advice when it matters most.
We also talked about local business in Worcestershire and highlighted the fact that 
through our staff that teach
at Worcester College of Technology it is clear that there are fewer an fewer people 
training at this moment in time, largely due to cuts in government funding and rising 
course costs.
If you want to look at a picture of economic forecast, if there are fewer  people 
coming into law and accountancy, fewer people training, fewer people in  those jobs in 
the future, I think that's where the hit is going to come.
If at any time we are concentrating efforts on 'looking at the next problem in the economy' 
we lose sight of the fact that  we should rejoice as things get better.

Onwards and Upwards I say!