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23.09.2010 21:56 Age: 9 yrs
Category: General News

NRS Accountants releases it's new Customer Charter in October 2010

Making a commitment to our customers is a valuable tool with our clients best interests taken into consideration.

NRS Accountants is proud to announce and publish our 2010 Customer Charter which is aimed to help both our clients in the Worcester and surrounding areas as well as our Licensed Trade clients.

We have done this for our clients to explain the efforts we are prepared to go to in order to maintain our standards in customer service.

To read our Customer Charter please click here.

Our customer feedback surveys and numerous written testimonials have made us proud as a team and this bold move to introduce our Customer Charter is in response to this.

In addition to these we plan to complete internal and external audits on our progress to achieve the results we are working towards and publish an internal audit in December 2010 and a full external report in March 2011.

Check back to see how we get on.