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What is Payroll

payroll n

1. (Business / Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a list of employees, specifying the salary or wage of each

2. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance)

a.  the total of these amounts or the actual money equivalent

b.  (as modifier) a payroll tax 


Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 6th Edition 2003. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.

At NRS we know a thing or two about payroll. After all, we’re one of the UK’s leading providers of payroll services to the licensed trade.

Our payroll department is called Three Counties Payroll – and guess what? Like our accountancy services we do things differently to most payroll bureaux.

Our aim is to help our clients by taking the strain out of paying staff. Nothing unusual in that - many businesses outsource their payroll functions to a bureau or a payroll service as a means of reducing staff costs and the expense of payroll systems and software.

But the way we do it stands us apart from other payroll services. We provide expert, considered advice – designed with cost efficiency in mind - to save you time and money.

Looking after our clients’ needs first and foremost and providing bespoke solutions to suit your individual business needs is our top priority. 


We know that payroll legislation has become increasingly complex as there are annual changes in tax codes, PAYE and National Insurance bands and that tax information must be consistently and accurately filed with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Good job then that we keep up to date with ever-changing legislation.

That means you can concentrate on developing your business while we handle your payroll issues from dealing with HMRC and employee queries, producing reports for the businesses' accounts department and distributing payslips to employees – so everyone is happy. Sorted.



Neil R Sysum is licensed and regulated by the AAT under licence number 3538

Neil R Sysum is a Certified Public Accountant and Incorporated Practising Accountant and is regulated by the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

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