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We have had full support and a friendly professional service from Neil and his team at NRS accounts. I would fully recommend giving them a call Client testimonial 

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Some people believe that Accountants are boring, dry and somewhat dismissive of their clients whilst being first in line with their bills..

This is a real shame - it's a pleasure to say with pride

It's not like that at NRS Accountants

 NRS Accounts Worcester 


We dare to care - and are very different for a reason. Not to be quirky or to drag down professional standards but because we've never forgotten the most important factor in our relationship with our clients - 

That we provide a 'full on' professional service

Being service-driven first and foremost shapes the way we provide accountancy advice and support.

Rather than just totting up the numbers, we go well beyond the financial statements to provide friendly, expert advice that will continually support your business as it develops and grows - leaving you safe and secure in mind that all your financial and regulatory needs are in good hands.

If daring to care for our clients stands us apart from the accountancy crowd then we are happy to plead guilty as charged.

After all - this is one of the reasons that our clients recognise us as Worcester's premier accountants.


Neil R Sysum is licensed and regulated by the AAT under licence number 3538

Neil R Sysum is a Certified Public Accountant and Incorporated Practising Accountant and is regulated by the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Turnover means nothing, it's what's left over that counts



We are proud of the services we offer and pride ourselves on giving the best at all times -


This is why our client feedback surveys form such an important part of our relationship with our clients. We are constantly striving to improve what we do and an element of our feedback surveys clearly states-

" How can NRS Accountants Improve it's service? "


" How can Three Counties Payroll improve it's service? "


Now we know that no-one is perfect, there would be no need for a rubber on the end of a pencil if that was the case. We are proud of the following comments our clients made -


" 15% of our customers stated that no improvement was necessary "


" Neil's team already go the extra mile for me and my business "


" Don't think they need to improve, they provide a good service already "




NRS Accounts Worcester