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Links to websites which may be useful

HM Revenue & Customs deals with all the aspects of taxation, dealing with CIS and operation, Tax Credits and Child Benefit. It is very useful for finding the contact number for your Local tax office by using either the tax office code reference or town or postcode.


A full A to Z listing of all government departments as well as local departments.  Business related news stories from the past five years as well as news broadcasts and pod casts available to the public.


BIS (Formerly BERR) deals with all aspects relating to business from Business Law to Employment matters. Constantly updating news stories and the opportunity to sign up for news stories and events relating to business.


Companies house holds the registration of all the incorporated companies in England & Wales. There is useful information here if you require a search on a company you are thinking of doing business with or you simply wish to check the status of your own companies records.


The Department for Work and Pensions has many roles from helping people into employment as well as helping people planning for retirement. There are also some useful links here for the Governments pension service as well as government debt management advice.




Neil R Sysum is licensed and regulated by the AAT under licence number 3538

Neil R Sysum is a Certified Public Accountant and Incorporated Practising Accountant and is regulated by the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Turnover means nothing, it's what's left over that counts



Licensed Trade Links -


If you are looking to buy a new lease on a pub for the first time or are simply looking for a change or addition there are some amazing deals with some of the major breweries.


You can find those details by clicking on their respective logo's



We have had many dealings with the Business Development Managers in the major breweries for a number of years and we see the efforts they make to ensure the right operator is working in the right pub. It's not about 'buying a lease and having a go' it's about building good, sounds businesses with the right support and advice from industry professionals who have to all intents and purposes - been around the block somewhat - that's where we fit in so well.


We are confident that the pub trade will survive all it's bad press no matter what, besided we've ridden this rolllercoaster before. Our clients are proud of what they can achieve as operators in this trade and we are proud to support them. Now join them for a pint or a bite to eat to give them your support too. 




If you are looking for the best advice regarding freehold premises and need an agent that has many years of experience in this sector you can speak to Simon or John on

01452 523131


Thomas E Teague's has been operating as Property Valuers for over 85 years. A wealth of experience and a real understanding of this sector. The team are comfortable with ensuring their clients get all the information they can before entering into a deal, they work closely with buyers and sellers to ensure everyone gets the best deals on the market.


Many of our clients have had personal dealings with the team and without exception the feedback has been exceptional. This is why both NRS Accountants and the major brewers are proud to recommend their expert services. 



To finalise your deal we feel one of the best places to go is Brand Mellon Solicitors. The team work shard to ensure it's clients get the best advice at a fair and reasonable cost, when we have seen this happen time and again with our clients it makes it very easy for us to make this recommendation.


Give Veronica Harman a call on

01242 227266

She will be more than happy to help. They are a first class team and our clients have testified to the fact ' nothing is too much trouble'